Political Pile, Honesty Test, & Tribal Housing questions


This week’s show had Sean in Georgia replacing Brandon, who was too busy with some family stuff to give you 1 measly hour. However, Sean did a great job and I know you’ll enjoy the show!

Here is a direct download link

Segment 1: Election Talk. How can Colorado award 21 delegates without a single vote? Also “Hookers for Hillary” and a radio DJ on a Canadian island invites Americans who are angry over a possible Trump victory to move to Canada.

Segment 2: Honesty test: what would you do if you found a wallet filled with money?

Segment 3: Tribal housing questions. A lot I don’t know, so if I get anything wrong here, feel free to write in at podcast@nativetalk.net and let me know where I’m wrong

Next week: Natives and drugs/alcohol issues. With perspectives from a native alcoholic.

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