Remembering The Sand Creek Massacre, Who Won the Election? &Dakota Access Update

Who won the Presidential Election and will take over as the 45th president? That might seem like a silly question, but Georgia resident Joe Chandler still has no idea and plans to keep it that way. Following this thrilling news story, we go straight into remembering the Sand Creek Massacre which occurred on November 29th, 152 years ago. 

Learn about the history and events leading up to the 1864 Massacre at Sand Creek, including the two men who opposed the Colonel in charge of the military troops responsible for killing between 200-300 unarmed Natives, 2/3 of which were women and children. The native encampment was attempting to negotiate a truce after a recent treaty signing had reduced their reservation to 7.7% of its previous size.

Colonel Chivington however, had other ideas. He looked down upon the peaceful camp and saw a victory ripe for the picking. That is when two army officers, Captain Silas Soule & Lt. Joseph Cramer expressed some serious concerns about what Chivington was planning to do. Lt Cramer expressed his anger and told Chivington that if the Natives were here to open peace talks, it might actually be wrong to attack them. 

Captain Soule later wrote that “it was extremely difficult to see small children on their knees have their brains beaten out by a group of men claiming to be civilized”. Although Colonel Chivington was initially hailed as a hero for his actions (he lied about them to make himself out to be heroic), subsequent investigations spurred by reports of the truth revealed him to be a liar. 

Because of the actions of Soule and Cramer, there are Natives living today who would not exist if they had not stood up to the Colonel and made efforts to save their ancestors from the slaughter. To end the show we speak a little about the DAPL and the recent events involving water cannons and tear gas by the police.

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