Vicious Attack on Native Americans! DAPL Protesters & Native Themed Restaurant

Here’s a fun topic: compassionate people who want to “help” by advocating the complete destruction of your culture and way of life.An article appearing in the New York Post by Naomi Schaefer Riley, at it’s core disagrees with what I believe is a fundamental tenet of native survival – sovereign independence. 

So, what she would like to see happen is the dissolution of all reservations and government systems that we have painstakingly built:

American Indians are not a separate nation any more than blacks or Jews or Korean immigrants are. American Indians are American citizens. American Indians on reservations don’t have individual property rights. 

No matter what Ms Riley might say or think, we most certainly ARE a separate nation, much more than the blacks, Jews, or Koreans.  Koreans can go back to Korea, Jews can move to Israel, and the blacks can go back to Africa. Where is our native home? Where can we return to? Oh yea, that’s right, WE’RE ALREADY @%$*&!#$ HERE!!!!!!!

We must not only fight to retain the sovereign rights that we already have, we must fight harder than ever to strengthen our independence. We must be allowed to run ourselves as we see fit; problems, benefits and all that comes with it.

Then we talk about Francis Ford Coppola who has just opened a Native American themed restaurant, complete with Native decorations to go along with his cuisine.

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