Natives Hate Trump, Won’t Do Anything Good For Tribes & Hate Mail Against Cliff (part 1)

Last week I reported on Michelle Obama’s comment of living without hope. I disagreed, and we got a LOT of reaction to that show.

Surprisingly, we start listener mail with Joe who comments on the Redskins controversy we talked about on May 29th. Then we get into the recent response to last week’s show. Nathan in Sacramento likes what I say about hope, but Pete doesn’t trust Trump as far as he can throw him. Sha Ha says Trump is lowering the bar of civility, and believes I skewed what she actually meant to say. Unfortunately, at this point we ran out of time and had to split the episode into two parts.

Next week we will hear Laurie who¬†believes 1st Lady Obama is speaking for the majority, and that Trump is a joke. Diane meanwhile has not met one single Native American who blieves¬†Trump will do ANYthing positive for natives. Joseph says I have my head up my ass, and Larry wants to Dump Trump. Lisa talks on a broader subject beyond the one regarding Natives specifically, and expressed her opinion that Trump will make the top 1% richer, and work to keep the poor poorer. This is actually a topic I am quite concerned about myself. David is glad I’m hopeful, but believed Donald Trump is a lunatic.

Then, in a bizzare turn, J.T. takes this opportunity to advocate for clearing the rolls of all natives with under a 25% blood quantum. Nathaniel finishes with the lone email that has a ‘wait and see’ attitude.

Click here for a direct download of the first half of this weeks audio file

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