Offensive County Fair Name & Obama VS Trump

Today on the radio program, we begin with San Diego County who named their fair a terribly offensive name, and yes it has been changed. Actually, neither Brandon nor I really think it was that bad – it’s not if a microbrewery held a festival named “The Trail Of Beers”. That I would totally understand. This is not nearly as bad. Listen to our discussion on this issue right here by downloading the audio file.

Then we compare Obama’s record on Native American issues, to a new proposal that President Donald Trump & his team of advisors seem to be pushing. I am not a fan of Obama, and in fact I think he has made a great number of mistakes. However, as I have looked into his actions regarding Indian Country, I could find no fault with him. On this show we detail many of his achievements – one we talked about not long ago on this very radio program (the Bear’s Ears area in Utah, which we felt was a massive land grab. We support fully the declaration of this area as a national monument).

Then we speak on Donald Trump and his advisers pushing legislation that would privatize reservation, and cut through a lot of the red tape preventing Tribal Nations from using their land as they would like to without jumping through far more legal hoops than anyone else is required to do. While we definitely support easing the bureaucratic burden on tribes, we are strongly against anything that threatens Native Sovereignty. Is that what this legislation proposes? Listen to today’s discussion for the full story.

Cliff and Brandon are both enrolled members of the Puyallup Tribe of Indians and host the Podcast each and every week. They talk about native issues in the news and anything of interest to Native Americans! See you all next week!

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