MLK Day & Trump Sex Scandal

Monday is Martin Luther King Jr day here in America. As natives, we know that in many ways the Civil Rights movement in the 60’s was an event very beneficial not only for blacks, but all minority groups. For that reason, we feel MLK Day is one to be celebrated.

Therefore we bring you today the quiz “Know Your King”, a game where we test Brandon’s knowledge of pop culture references with “King” in the answer. We then go into a number of interesting facts about this great holiday, such as the petition that made in a national hiliday was delivered to Congress in 1970 with a total of six million names on it. This in the age before computers or the internet, and was and remains the largest official petition in US history. Listen to our show by downloading the audio file and catch more information on this and many other facts about MLK.

In the second segment we jump into listener mail which takes us back again into Donald Trump news. This week of course the big story is the sex scandal involving him, several staffers, and hookers tinkling on the bed President Obama used just prior to their arrival.

Cliff and Brandon are both enrolled members of the Puyallup Tribe of Indians and host the Puyallup Native Podcast each and every week with all our past episodes available online at They talk about native issues in the news and anything of interest to Native Americans! Hope you enjoy listening to the program, see you all next week!

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