Blood Quantum Listener Mail & Native Tribes Oppose The Wall

Last week we talked about blood quantum limits, and using it as a basis for some tribes instituting dis-enrollment policies & whether or not that was good or bad (bad. we decided it was bad). This week we read listener mail comments which came in from various native members of different tribes. Thank you to Anthony for your two cents, who gives us historical context for how and why blood quantums came into being in the first place. Nicole asks who gives anyone the right to determine who is and who is not Native enough, Sarah who was smuggled out of the US and into the Middle East and had to fight her way back into the tribe shares her story and her opinion, while Dan doesn’t believe we should dis-enroll anyone. He says we need every whitey willing to take a stand with the ‘real’ natives. Thank you all for your letters and comments! Email us directly if you wish to opine. Listen to all the letters by downloading the audio file directly.

Then, we go on to the Tohono O’Odham Natives with nearly 30,000 members and the second largest reservation by land size (4400 sq miles) 75 miles of those being on the US Mexican border. They are vowing a vigorous legal challenge the construction of the southern border wall in the event congress does in fact authorize funds to begin construction. We debate, including discussion of what an executive order actually is. Thank you for listening to more stimulating Native Talk Radio with Cliff & Brandon. We hope you’ll join us next week as well!

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