Housing Discrimination Against Natives & Healthier Eating Through Gardening

Finding a good safe place to live can be a challenge, especially for many Native American individuals and families. Native Americans, like many minorities face stiff sterotypes that can lead landlords to implement unfair and potentially illegal restrictions on renters based upon race and what they imagine could be a future problem. I have no doubt that landlords are not breaking the law out of hatred (most anyway), rather they want to ensure they rent to people who will respect and take care of their property. The problem comes when you allow a negative racial stereotype to dictate your decision to marginalize an entire race of people. The key is to make sure your restrictions and guidelines for renters apply to everyone, without race being one of those factors. Listen to this story and get all the details by downloading the audio file and checkng out the entire show!

To drive the point home, Cliff shares a few stories from his own experience in getting his first real job while facing age & experience discrimination – no one wants to hire the kid with zero work history. Cliff shares some of the ways he overcame that discrimination, and discusses how that lesson can be applied to other parts of life. Because remember, discrimination may not be fair, but to simply give up and accept it is just as bad. Changing the situation is not only on the shoulders of those commiting the error, but also on us to overcome and change people’s minds as well. 

In the second segment, Cliff goes into some of the challenges surrounding Natives poor eating habits, and talks about a new movement to change that for the better. Thank you for listening to more stimulating Native Talk Radio with Cliff & Brandon. We hope you’ll join us next week as well!

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