Water Is Life & Native Wills

This week on the NativeTalk.net Radio Program – In this continuation of last week’s discussion, we go into the origination of the plains indians unique beliefs when it comes to water. The blackfeet indians in particular believed in the reals of existance, land, sky, and water. Water was especially sacred to them, and the animal figures that featured prominently in their stories (such as the beaver) taught them important lessons on how to live in harmony with the world around them, and is even the basis for their most important religious ceremony. This is important for those of us who may not necessarily have a visceral reaction against pipelines to understand, because it makes the point that these protests go beyond any individual issue, and makes it clear that this is instead a deeply ingrained philosophy on existence which stetches back millenia.

In the second segment we talk about a Native American program assisting Natives who need a will, but otherwise cannot create one. Many needing help do not know English, or know it very poorly, and without a translator would not have the capability of creating what we believe is an absolutely essential document. We also direct folks to legalzoom.com where (as long as you know English) you can cheaply and easily create legal documents ready to file for insanely cheap prices.

We hope you’ll take the time to comment on today’s show after listening, and join us next week for more stimulating native talk radio, available online only at nativetalk.net. See you next week!

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