Guest Anna Bean & Problems Plaguing Natives Today

Today on the radio podcast, we welcome Anna Bean, who is running for an open seat on the Puyallup Tribal council in this year’s upcoming election. If you want to discover more about her, whether you are a Puyallup member or not, you can connect with her on Facebook here.

Today we discuss some of the top issues plaguing Natives today throughout all tribes, from poverty, substance abuse, and even problems inherant with prosperity. We discuss some of things we can do as natives to combat these problems, whether you are dealing with them yourself, or know someone who is. As members of the Native community, these are pervasive issues that have touched us all in one form or another and we must all work harder than ever to work toward overcoming in our constant struggle toward a healthy and productive lifestyle. 

Listen to our 30 minute show by clicking the link to download the audio file, and leave comments via facebook or by emailing We hope you enjoy the show, and we will see you next week with more stimulating native talk radio when we visit with Anna Bean once more in discussing how to better connect with tribal traditions. See you next week!

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