Native Housing Discrimination Problems

When Native Americans are looking to rent homes, they face a series of challenges more daunting than many in the general community face. Even those who would choose to live on the reservation, are often forced to find housing off the rez due to a severe housing shortage. Even with good credit histories, Native stereotypes of drunkards, late rent payments, and a history of property damage leave many landlords turning away those most in need. 

It is of course ok to set rules and protect your property, but only if those rules are consistent across all people of all races. On todays radio program, we discuss these and many other issues facing Natives today which make life much harder than it needs to be, as well as discussing possible solutions to this very serious problem. Listen to the full 30 minute conversation by downloading the audio file, and send us your comments! 

Cliff & Brandon are radio talk hosts from Sacramento California. they are enrolled members of the Puyallup Indian Nation ou tof Tacoma, and enjoy becoming more involved in the Native community. Send in your show topic suggestions via email to

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